Advanced Urban Sanitation Diploma Program


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Two tailor-made training (TMT) programs on Advanced Urban Sanitation have been carried out in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Argentineans engineers affiliated with Buenos Aires Water and Wastewater Company (AySA) and with the planning and regulatory agencies.  On Wednesday December 5th, 2018, the first generation of 32 Argentinean engineers received the IHE Delft certificate for successfully completing the TMT course on Advanced Urban Sanitation.  The second generation of 27 participants is scheduled to receive the certificate on September 12th of this year (2019). That is, a total of 59 Argentinean water professionals have been strengthened their knowledge on the latest advanced on urban sanitation. The TMT program consisted of nine short courses with a contact time per course of approximately 40 hours, totaling more than 360 hours of contact time. The short course topics included: characterization of wastewater; biological treatment of wastewater and wastewater treatment plant design; urban drainage and collector systems; advanced wastewater treatment systems; experimental methods for wastewater treatment; faecal and decentralized wastewater treatment; arsenic removal from groundwater for drinking water and optimization of performance of wastewater treatment plants, including the Dutch approach for the management of waste and wastewater conducted by the water boards. The Argentinean participants were mostly affiliated with the AySA – largest water company in Argentina and one of the largest in Latin America providing water and sanitation services to approximately 15 million people.  Moreover, participants from the Argentinean water planning and regulatory agencies also took part in the program. The TMT program is part of a very successful collaboration between IHE Delft and the government of Argentina initiated in May 2017 between IHE Delft and FUTRASAFODE (Future Argentinean Water University) and continued in May 2018 by signing the agreement for delivering two cohorts of the advanced urban sanitation program.


Luis Carlos Rubén Liberman