Sanitation Technology

A course of the Master of Science Program in Sanitation │ IHE Delft

This six-week course aims to give the participants a review of the fundamentals as well as the latest technological developments applied in the field of sanitation. The course starts with a week-long overview of sewage-based sanitation options covering fundamentals of urban drainage and sewage and conventional wastewater treatment with the objective of helping the participants to make informed choices when applying city-wide sanitation planning. The majority of the course is devoted to non-sewered sanitation technologies from across the sanitation service chain. Attention is given to treatment goals for faecal sludge e.g. sludge stabilization, pathogen inactivation, sludge dewatering and nutrient management, and how to achieve these. Both traditional and novel approaches and technologies are covered. The rest of the course includes (i) a well-documented case study on sanitation in informal settlements in Cape Town, (ii) a large-scale demonstration case of onsite sanitation planning, construction, operation and maintenance in Jakarta, (iii) innovations in sanitation and, (iv) interaction with a panel of leading experts in sanitation technology. The course ends with one week of group work in which the knowledge obtained will be applied to a case study area.

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Sanitation Technology

Francisco Rubio Rincon, PhD

Course Coordinator