Research Methods for Sanitation

A course of the Master of Science Program in Sanitation │ IHE Delft

This two-week course has been developed to enable the participants to become effective researchers in the field of sanitation. The first part of this course covers the basics of research such as research approaches, the classification of studies, research study design and sampling strategies. The course then splits into two streams, (i) Advanced Laboratory Methods and (ii) Social Science Methods. Both streams are not only designed to introduce the participants to different methods, but to give them practical experience in using the methods and analyzing the resulting data. Examples of methods which are included in the first stream are anaerobic digestion potential and helminth analysis, and in the second stream, focus group discussion and visual research methods. The participants will also have the option of attending ‘Espresso Slots’ featuring other more niche methods and a one-day workshop on Qualitative Data Analysis software.

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Claire Furlong, PhD

Course Coordinator