A course of the Master of Science Program in Sanitation │ IHE Delft

This three-week course explores sanitation governance as a process of coordination and decision making between different stakeholders in the sector. This is done though the analysis of rights, risks, responsibilities, benefits and incomes related to faecal sludge and wastewater, and through the relationship of voice, power and authority. Sanitation practices and access across the sanitation service chain are related to equity and sustainability. Ultimately, the aim of this course is for the participant to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and influence sanitation governance. The course includes the key theoretical perspectives in the field of sanitation governance; the methods used by scholars and practitioners to explore and analyze sanitation governance; formative debates around major current issues in this field which will be presented in the form of case studies; and tutorials from leading academics and practitioners.

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Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero, MSc

Course Coordinator