Alumni stories

We are very much interested in the valorization of the activities carried out under the Global Sanitation Graduate School because it is not only the building of capacity of individuals and organizations of the sanitation sector that matters, but also to measure, demonstrate and share how and to what extent they are contributing to a world where children and families lead healthier, more productive lives.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, IHE Delft and partners invite alumni members of the Global Sanitation Graduate School to share examples from their professional life that demonstrate how they have used and/or applied knowledge gained from their participation in the GSGS's activities. The examples should have occurred within 12 months of completion of the education and training activity. In addition, a limited number of incentives of up to USD 4,000 are available for alumni to support an idea or activity in the field of sanitation. The idea or activity must be implemented within the 6 months after the award. The selected alumni are also required to write a report describing the success of the project or activity financed. If you are interested in submitting your success story or in learning about the experiences of your colleagues, please get in contact with Dr. Konstantina Velkushanova (see below).

Any bright ideas?

Konstantina (Tina) Velkushanova, PhD

Global Sanitation Graduate School

Do you have any bright ideas or great initiatives that need some seed funds to be developed and implemented? We have good news for you: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has made a grant available to IHE Delft for this purpose, but you must be fast as the number of alumni it can serve is limited. Please note that you can only enter the competition for seed funds if your story is accepted in the first place. To read more about how to apply for the funds, please click here.